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249 Fornof Rd, Columbus, Oh 43207

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Turner Auto Service mechanic fixing cars


We are proud to offer our Nationwide Warranty which covers parts and labor, giving our customers the coverage and confidence, they need and deserve.

This warranty is provided at no additional cost to our customers and includes roadside reimbursement.

What’s included…

A. Air conditioning, heating, and climate control systems
B. Brake system(s)
C. Electrical system(s)
D. Emission control system(s)
E. Engine cooling system(s)
F. Engine performance or driveability services and repair
G. Electronic engine management systems  (engine, body, brake, suspension computers, cruise control systems and more)
H. Exhaust system(s)
I. Fuel system(s)
J. Ignition system(s)
K. Other minor repairs
L. Starting and charging systems
M. Hybrid drive battery replacement(s)*
N. Steering/suspension systems, wheel bearings, CV axles and joints, half- shafts and driveshafts
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